Update to Fire/Burning Ordinance

In September, the Township Board is expected to start the process of approving a new updated fire/burning ordinance. Last year, in an effort to improve customer service and efficacy in the issuing of Burning Permits, we started looking at simplifying/automating the process. Upon reviewing the Township Fire/Burning Ordinance, we quickly discovered it was time to do an update. The existing Ordinance was confusing, conflicting, and would not allow us to improve the process for issuing burning permits.

The new draft version of the Ordinance has been rewritten from the ground up. To view a copy of the draft ordinance, click here.

Here is a summary of some of the changes and highlights of the new Ordinance.

· Cleared up definitions for recreational burns, open burns (ie yard waste) and bonfires

· No permit required for recreational fires

· Allows us to create an on-line permit system

· Eliminate the three-day limit on open burning 

· Update burning restrictions in zoned R-6 neighborhoods (ie the Looking Glass Pines, Northway Hills and Shadybrook Condos can have recreation fires, but cannot do open burning/bon fire)

· Update to allow the Township to use the most recent version of the International Fire Code

· Added the ability for municipal civil infraction for violation of the Ordinance.

If you have questions comments or concerns, please contact Interim Chief Dave DeKorte at 517-669-0071.

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 (Archive on Thursday, September 14, 2017)
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