Assessing Department

Responsibilities of the Assessing Department

The Assessing Department is a multi-purpose department, which is responsible for establishing fair and equitable property tax assessments for DeWitt Charter Township taxpayers. As mandated by the Michigan Constitution, all property must be assessed at 50% of fair-market value. This requires the Assessing Department to legally describe and identify all Real and Personal Property. The Assessing Department annually establishes the Assessed and Taxable Value of all taxable property located within the Township.

It is the responsibility of the Assessing Department to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the assessment and tax rolls. Other duties include:

  • Administering Principal Residence Exemptions (Homesteads), Principal Residence Exemption Rescissions, Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption
  • Maintaining aerial and parcel maps that reflect correct legal descriptions and boundary lines
  • Processing land division applications or any legal description changes to the assessment or tax rolls
  • Reviewing all deeds and to reflect current property ownership

The Assessing Department is also responsible for any Special Assessment Rolls. This function provides for the equitable disbursement of the cost of infrastructure improvements to those who benefit from such improvements.

Property Record Information

It is also a primary goal of the Assessing Department to provide to our residents, realtors, appraisers, and insurance agents accurate property record information. Property sketches of building structures, as well as digital photographs, are also now available. Property information can be obtained in the office, on the phone during normal business hours, or online 24/7.