Firefighter Opportunities

The DeWitt Charter Township Fire Department is the busiest fire department in Clinton County. Emergency runs are increasing to serve our fast-growing community. Current position openings for the Fire Department will be advertised on the homepage of our website, under "News." Whether you are employed full-time, a stay-at-home parent or a retiree, you will find that being a paid on-call firefighter can be very rewarding. We offer a variety of positions; you choose the right one that complements your strengths.

We understand there will be various levels of commitment by members of the fire department. Your paid training matches your commitment. The more involved you are with the department, the more opportunities you have to learn and grow. As a paid on-call firefighter or emergency medical personnel, you will have the opportunity to save lives while enjoying valuable benefits, including:

Pension Plan

In addition to receiving an hourly wage for emergency runs and training, you will also benefit from a pension plan as a paid on-call member of our fire department.

  • Paid On-Call Firefighter Contribution: 10% of wages before taxes
  • DeWitt Charter Township Contribution: 15% of each firefighter's wages

Contributions to the pension plan begin when you start working. Partial vesting is granted after two years of service increasing annually to full vesting after five years of service. Where else can you work part-time and gain pension benefits?

Disability Pay

While the pension plan rewards are evident, you will also be financially compensated in the event of an injury.

As a paid on-call member for the DeWitt Charter Township Fire Department, you are covered by the Paid On-Call Fire and Ambulance Personnel Sickness and Accident program. Your annual income up to $122,000 is covered in the event of an on-the-job injury or death.

Personal Rewards

In addition to financial security, you will enjoy fellowship during emergency runs and training, as well as during relaxing, fun activities. You will gain a greater self-respect and an understanding of the needs of our community. With increased responsibility and recognition, your part-time career as a paid on-call firefighter promises to change your life forever.

Volunteer to save lives… Volunteer to change your life.