Township Finances

In an effort to increase transparency and accountability, the Township has recently created a number systems and documents that are designed to visually review the status of a business or government. It is intended to help the user quickly evaluate key indicators. Over time, it helps citizens, business owners, staff, and elected officials measure and monitor the overall health and direction of the local government.

  • Citizen Guide: Provides a visual review of the Revenues and Expenditures of the General Fund. In addition, this document provides information on the Township's fund balance, pension and debt obligations.
  • Performance Dashboard: This dashboard is separated into four areas of focus: Fiscal Stability, Economic Strength, Public Safety, Quality of Life.
  • Municipal Financial Summary: This section is compiled from the Township's audit that is filed with the State of Michigan. It allows the viewer to review and customize financial data from all or each of the Township's funds. Each of the above sections has a number of indicators that list either a red, green or blue arrow. Each arrow represents whether the performance is decreasing, increasing or staying neutral. Because one year does not necessarily make a trend, you can also click on each indicator to get a graph of the data over multiple years.

While data does not always tell the whole picture, we hope this new system will increase the understanding of your local government.


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