Land Divisions

Land divisions are commonly referred to as "lot splits." The rules for dividing your property will vary slightly, depending on whether or not it is in a subdivision. The Planning Department is always glad to review sketches and ideas that you may have for dividing your property, before you formally apply for approval of a division, to advise you of any regulations that may apply.

Division of a Lot Within a Subdivision

Applications to divide a lot that is within a subdivision are made to the Planning Department. A subdivision lot may be split into a maximum of four parcels. Each lot must meet the minimum standards for lot width, lot area, and street frontage described in the Zoning Ordinance - Section 5.18 Schedule of Regulations (PDF). The Planning Department can assist you in determining the zoning for the property and the standards that apply. Any lot that is not served by public water and sanitary sewer cannot be split unless well and septic permit applications have been approved for each resulting lot by the Mid-Michigan District Health Department.

You can apply for approval to split a lot by submitting the following to the Planning Department:

  • A letter addressed to the Township Board of Trustees describing your request
  • A sketch drawn to scale showing the original lot, the proposed division, the boundary dimensions, the lot area, and any existing buildings
  • The legal description of the resulting parcels
  • A fee as listed in the Planning Department Fee Schedule (PDF)
  • A letter from the owner authorizing the division, if you do not own the property

The division of a lot in a subdivision is subject to review and approval by the Township Board of Trustees. All application materials must be received at least one week in advance of Township Board meeting dates.

Division of a Lot Outside a Subdivision

Applications to divide a lot that is located outside a subdivision can be made to the Assessing Office using the Land Division Application (PDF). The number of lots that can be created is based on rules stated in the State Land Division Act. Lots must comply with all Zoning Ordinance requirements, including width, area, width to depth ratio, and building setback requirements. These requirements vary depending upon the zoning of the property. The Planning Department can advise you of the requirements that apply to your property.