Why DeWitt?

Dewitt Profile

DeWitt Charter Township (PDF) is situated directly north of the City of Lansing, Michigan's capital city. The Township's demographics are broken down into three categories: Rural (northeast tier), Suburban (Northwest tier) and Urban (southern tier). The Township is quickly developing along U.S. 127 Business Route, and near its intersection with I-69. The Township is home to the Capital Region International Airport.

The Township of DeWitt became a charter township in 1978.

Dewitt Quick Facts

  • Population of DeWitt Charter Township (2010): 14,321
  • Median Age (2000): 38
  • Area: 31.7 square miles
  • Median Household Income (2000): $49,782
  • Median Family Income (2000): $61,202
  • Average Home Price (2010):
    • DeWitt Township/Lansing Schools: $85,904
    • DeWitt Township/DeWitt Schools: $197,485
    • DeWitt Township/Bath Schools: $184,110
    • City of DeWitt: $149,407
  • Per Capita Income (2000): $24,624
  • County-wide Unemployment Statistics (2010 vs. 2009):
    • July [2010: 9.9% vs. 2009: 11.1%]
    • June [2010: 9.4% vs. 2009: 10.7%]
    • May [2010: 9.1% vs. 2009: 9.9%]
    • April [2010: 9.5% vs. 2009: 9.4%]
    • March [2010: 10.5% vs. 2009: 9.4%]
  • Educational Attainment (2000):
    • Percent high school graduate or higher: 88.1%
    • Percent bachelor's degree or higher: 24.6%

Higher Education Schools


DeWitt Charter Township residents and newcomers have a broad choice of housing and lifestyles. From urban to rural and everything in between... DeWitt Township has something for everyone. Inventories include an ample selection of everything from starter homes to high-end, custom built homes.

Public Infrastructure

DeWitt Charter Township's public water system is provided by the Lansing Board of Water and Light (LBWL) and the public sanitary sewer service is provided by the Southern Clinton County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCCMUA). Maps depicting where public infrastructure (water (PDF) and sanitary sewer (PDF)) is available can be downloaded.

South Central Area Plan

DeWitt Charter Township embarked on an amendment to its 2005 Comprehensive Development Plan, which was adopted in August of 2005. As a critical and planned addendum with the plan, the "South Central Neighborhood Conservation and Commercial Revitalization Plan" was identified for further specialized analysis. The South Central Area Plan (PDF) represents the cumulative efforts of residents, officials, staff and consultants over a 16-month period.

The document itself brought a wide variety of stakeholders to the table, including developers, school and airport representatives (students and administration), environmentalists, elected officials and interested citizens. In April 2009, the South Central Area Plan was officially adopted and endorsed by the DeWitt Charter Township Board of Trustees.


  • Airport: Capital Region International Airport
  • Highways: Interstate 69 (east-west) and U.S. 127 (north-south) intersect in the Township.
  • Railroad: CSX Railroad