Our Government

An elected Board of Trustees governs DeWitt Charter Township. The Board consists of a Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and four Trustees. Some of the primary responsibilities of the Board include adopting Township policies and ordinances, adopting the annual budget, approving certain expenditures and contracts, determining types and levels of services to be provided, appointments to various committees and commissions, and ensuring the general welfare of the residents. All Board members are elected to four year terms in the Presidential Election year and take office on November 20.

Strategic Plan

On April 13, 2009, the Township Board adopted its Strategic Plan. A Strategic Plan creates a vision and helps chart a plan for the future. The Plan, which covers a five-year rolling timeframe, is a disciplined, coordinated, systematic, and sustained effort that enables an organization to fulfill its mission and its vision. The Township's Strategic Plan 2020 through 2025 (PDF) can be viewed online.

Our Township's Mission

The Mission of DeWitt Charter Township is to ensure public safety and provide financially responsible, efficiently delivered services in a visionary, proactive and sustainable manner.

Our Township's Vision

DeWitt Charter Township's fiscally responsible, citizen focused government promotes the high quality of life that makes our community the region's leading destination for families and businesses.