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Community Center Request/Rental Agreement

  1. Requested Facility
  2. *You will be required to set up and take down your tables and chairs. **Capacity varies with use of tables and chairs.
  3. I have read and initialed the facility use rules (opposite side). I agree to abide by the rules as written. I further agree to assume responsibility for all damage to or liability for the facility during the rental period. I agree to reimburse DeWitt Charter Township for any theft or damage to the Township facility during the period of the rental. The reimbursement will be based on replacement costs and will be made within 30 days of the theft or damage
  4. Digital Signature
  5. Rules for Facility Use:
    1. All minors attending activities in the Township building shall be adequately supervised by adults. 2. Entry and exit to the Community Center building will be through designated doors only unless otherwise approved by Township officials. 3. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. 4. No person shall engage in any disturbance, fight, quarrel or altercation on the premises, nor shall any person who is obviously under the influence of alcohol be permitted to remain on the premises. 5. Those using Township facilities shall not engage in loud, boisterous, or disruptive activity. 6. Those using Township facilities will restrict their activities to the room(s) and functions approved in the rental agreement. 7. Gym use-Absolutely no hanging on the basketball rims. Only rubber sole shoes will be allowed for sports activity. 8. Games of chance are subject to state licensing. 9. Decorations shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to Township property and within the rental time period only. 10. The use of open flames, such as candles, is permitted only with written permission from the fire marshal. 11. Strict adherence to Township parking areas is required. 12. It is the responsibility of the party using the facilities (whether by fee rental or other use as permitted by the Township) to obtain permission or license to use any copyrighted materials not limited to licensing from BMI, ASCAP or SESAC.
  6. To qualify for a full refund of security deposit:
    a. Leave premises in the same condition they were prior to rental. b. All garbage must be placed in the trash receptacles provided. c. Return all chairs and tables properly to the caddies. d. Turn off all lights (including bathrooms) and make sure doors are securely locked.
  7. Facility Fee Schedule (hourly rates)
    Gym $40(resident) $55(non resident) $75(security deposit) | Gym/Kitchen $55(resident) $70(non resident) $125(security deposit) | Activity Room 1 $25(resident) $35(non resident) $75(security deposit) | Activity Room 2 $35(resident) $50(non resident) $100(security deposit) | Activity Room /Kitchen $50(resident) $65(non resident) $125(security deposit) | Kitchen $35(resident) $50(non resident) $100(security deposit) *Fee structure is subject to change.
  8. Fees for DARA, Library, and Township sponsored functions or programs that benefit Township citizens are waived. The Library shall be charged a $35 cleaning fee per event. Civic Organization (Non-profit Organizations, Senior Citizen Groups, Scouts) will be charged the resident fee. Local Government Units and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing a free public service to a resident of Clinton County may request a waiver of fees. Member social events are not eligible for a waiver. Waivers are more likely to be approved for weekday than weekend dates. Township Hall may be rented by neighborhood associations once a year. The rental rate is $100 for the first two hours and $35 for each additional hour. Rental rates do not apply to Holidays. Rental rate for Holidays is double the normal price.
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